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Munich is a great city, and we are 100% positive that you will fall in love with it. There is a little "but": Cities are so much more fun with lots of friends, a good crew to hang out with and going to explore it all together. Moving into a 4mates apartment means being part of the 4mates community. That's a big group of peers and like-minded people all being more or less new in town. Come live with us and there is no chance but making tons of friends for life. 

Here are 6 reasons, why you will love our community. 


Image by Max Andrey

Your Mates


All mates living with us are peers, hand selected by our renting team, to form a cool international community of like-minded people, which are fun to hang out with. 



Our staff has long experience in managing communities. They care about who is living with us, and they match people better than tinder would. That's why flat mates become friends, cook together and so all sorts of other social activities as mates. 

Community Events


It's not just flat mates but the 4mates crew gets together regularly on our community events. These are the best day or night out in town. Chilling at the Isar river in summer, strolling trough bars or breathing in some local vibes... and beers at Beergardens or the Hofbräuhaus.


Fun People


Did we mention the 4mates community are very fun, outgoing people? Oh yes, it's fun! Most of our mates are ambitious young professionals. But not only this: They are all here to have the time of their life. Come join!

Bayerische Kultur B.jpg

Munich Beergarden


It's just a great lifestyle, and you will love it too. Munich's beer gardens are a great way to connect with locals and making friends. Sharing table with strangers is the norm. Come with mates and do it like the locals do. 




You just have to see it your self. Full stop. Munich is world-famous for its Oktoberfest and every year we reserved tables for our community.   

Have fun 🍻

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