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  • My internet connection does not work as intended.
    All right. internet is important, we understand that. There might be 2 critical factors, what is broken about the internet: speed or stability. First, we need to collect some data about the two factors, to see what's wrong. Speed: Please go to This is a public service, which measures the download and upload speed of you connection. Please make a screenshot of the speed you measured. Stability: Sometimes stability is the problem rather than speed. Please go to and let it run in the background for a while. With this profile, we will detect if the internet is not stable. Please make a screenshot of the stability you measured. Please send us the screenshots through our regular maintenance and repair form.
  • Can I cancel my contract and move out earlier?
    We do have contracts which last 6 months. You have a 3-month- cancelation period. If you cancel after 3 months, you will leave the apartment after 6 months.
  • How can I apply for a room?
    Directly via our website.
  • Is there a common room that all residents can use?
    Most shared flats have their own common rooms and kitchen. Please check your individual flat.
  • How does life in a shared flat work? Do the residents also do anything together?
    Our residents have movie nights together, go out together, make excursions. The residents organise everything themselves.
  • Can I rent the room without a tour?
    Of course, we have video call to discuss everything in detail.
  • Will there be any other costs?
  • How about a visit? Can I have any visitors, and can they stay overnight?
    We have nothing against occasional visitors, even if they stay overnight. But please inform your roommates about your visitors and how long they will stay. As long as your roommates are totally fine with it, it is OK with us too.
  • Do you also know the residents from the other shared flats?
    4mates is a community, so nobody will stay alone for long. You have your roommates and at regular events you will connect with the roommates from other flats.
  • I am interested in the cheapest and smallest room. Can I please rent one of these?
    That depends on availability. We do not have rooms for rent in all categories every month.
  • What if I don’t get along with my flatmates, can I change the shared flat?
    For a lump sum of 100 € and exclusively at next availability. Barely needed anyway since our staff is keeping an eye on matching an awesome blend of people in each flat.
  • What costs are included in the rent?
    The price is all-inclusive: - electricity - heating - Wi-Fi - GEZ (yes, that's a German thing) - waste water fee - garbage fee - all other additional cost If you want to compare prices with other rooms or a single apartment: As a rule of thumb, you can add 200-250 € per month to the rent of a single apartment for the additional cost. Sounds a lot, we know, but the little things add up. Here is a rough calculation: Your landlord will give you the additional cost, which should be around 100-150 €. These costs do not include electricity, Wi-Fi, GEZ which will be around 100 € for a single person apartment.
  • Do I have to cancel my contract?
    Yes, with a simple e-mail.
  • When is the first rent and deposit to be paid?
    On the 1st of the month of moving in, even if you move into your room at a later date. For guests coming from abroad, we must insist on the first rental payment at the time of signing the contract to have security.
  • How does the rental process work?
    You will find out all this in a personal call that we will conduct after your application. Provided you are a suitable applicant.
  • Do I have to pay a deposit?
    Yes, the deposit is 2,000 € flat for each room. Your deposit will be transferred approximately 6-8 weeks after you move out.
  • How long can I stay in the apartment?
    As long as you like.
  • Can I also register at the 4mates address?
    No problem at all. We even ask you to do that and give you the required forms.
  • Can we stay together in one room?
    Unfortunately, each room may only be occupied by one person.
  • Why do you have different room prices?
    We have different room sizes and correspondingly adjusted rental prices.
  • What kind of residents do you have?
    4mates is a perfect community of international and German academics, students, young professionals, aged 20-30 years.
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