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This is us.


We are just like you.


We lived in co-living places half of our life, just like you do.


We traveled the world, worked and lived in abroad, like most of you.


We would have loved to have 4mates back in the days. And because there was no 4mates, we created it. 

We hope, you will like it <3


4mates is created from roommates for roommates.


Back in the days, when we studied Thomas and Markus, two of our founders where living togheter for quite some time. Co-Living was always a fun experience and great to meet people and make friends. 

We also lived abroad, like most of our clients today. For us, it was China, USA, Ireland, and Island. So, we know what it means to you, to go abroad for work because we have been in your shoes. 

We wanted to create the best experience for our clients ot land hassle-free in Munich with great people around from the first second. 

We hope you will enjoy your stay in Munich!

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